An indigenous writer from The Philippines. I write about relationships, dating, polyamory, and running.

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  • I’m still writing my first…

Freeing yourself from a soul-sucking job is a challenge when poverty is all you’ve ever known

The kids of Tondo, Manila. Image: John Christian Fjellestad/Shutterstock

In a monogamous relationship, it would’ve taken me much longer to recognize these.

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Friends, siblings, parents, partners. Relationships aren’t obligations or investments. They’re gifts.

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A long-term couple goes on their last date.

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And a total of $1,500+ from all articles.

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I learned exactly what was holding me back in life by running my first 10-kilometer race.

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A self-limiting pattern

How real exhaustion feels.

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We work to buy the privileges of youth that we missed, one job at a time

Image by Aamir Mohd Khan from Pixabay

At 13 years old, Naila realized happiness is like an alien disease to her.

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John Pucay

Relationships, Culture, Polyamory, and Running. More stories at Twitter @JPucay or email me at

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